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Isaac Mentouri has spent the last many years working as an actor, film and acting trainer, and writer/editor. In each incarnation, his mission has been to create and share deeply personal and entertaining stories. His background as both a performer and writer gives him a unique understanding of how one's story and the performance of it - whether in person or on the page - best work together.

On screen he's appeared on background roles, among others, and has acted on stage and in regional theaters throughout the US. His cultural and personal essays have appeared on websites and talent agency blogs. Isaac helped coach acting and filmmaking at talent agencies in the southeast has led workshops on social media for artists, bio writing and interview skills at conservatories and foundations.

In addition to his creative work, Mr. Mentouri is a committed advocate for the arts community. As a charter member, he helped educate young performers about the benefits of guild membership and served as a delegate at a convention. He edited the influential acting website, which a agazinem called "the spirit of helping others to find grace in a pressure-filled business." Mentouri is a graduate of his talent agency's private program.


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